|   THURSDAY December 8, 2011
DJV December 2011 Recap w/ special guests: Brianna, B.o.B., & TJ Chapman of TJsDJs.com
B.O.B. Brianna
by Gary Jackson [share this article]

by writer Gary Jackson, "The Official Pen of The DJV"

Present on Decemer's DJV call: Kevin "The Deacon" James, Dj Debonair (LA/Miami/Nashville), Jimmy Jamz, Rory Mack (KLUC/Violator All Star DJs), Nick V the Violator (HipHop Mastermix Syndicated in over 150+ markets), D-Money (KVEG Las Vegas), DDT (Orlando, FL), Dense (KDAY/Official DJ for the LA Clippers), Mohamed Moretta (Miami / LA. / Vegas), Prince Ice (WWDM/WHXT/WLZN/WAKB - S.Carolina), DJ Jelly (Atlanta, GA), Tom Laroc (Miami, FL), Dr. B (WKKV Milwaukee, WI), Charles Dixon (WBLS & Music Choice / New Jersey), Touchtone (WPHI, Philly), Alvin D (Sacramento, CA / Augusta, GA), nOvaDose (DMV), DJ Babe (Detroit, MI), Big Dose (Norfolk, VA), Semp Roc (PublicWizzard.com / Miami, FL), DJ Showtime (WPHH Harford, Conn.), KimJames (WJLB Mixshow Coordinator Detroit, MI), DJ Icy Ice (KPWR Power 106 / World Famous Beat Junkies / TurntableU.com), Boogaloo (WHXT Memphis, TN), Mohamed Moretta (LA/Miami/Vegas), K-Sly (Master of the Mix Los Angeles, CA), DJ Kut (WFUN St. Louis, MO), Nick@Nite (WBLX Mobile, AL), Tat Money (Philly, PA), Illegal (Toronto, Canda), Kelly G (BET Networks), Ramses Ja (KVEG/KNRJ/KAJM/DJ for CH3 News Pheonix, AZ), Ern Dogg (Soul Assassins /West Wing Sirius Shade45), DJ Creativity(KDAY, WHWT, KPAT), Alvin D (Agusta, Ga), Wild Wayne (WQUE New Orleans), Trauma (Sean Garrett's Tour DJ & WQHT V-103 Atlanta, GA), Trouble T (Oakland, CA), Alex Mejia (djvideowalls.com Los Angles, CA), Keith Kennedy (Tallahassee, FL), Mad Linx (WPOW Power 96 Miami, FL), Wolf D (Superadio/ Milwaukee, WI), Mike London aka DJ Shadow (WGBZ Alabama), Alex G (Violator Radio Sirius Shad45 -Bakersfield, CA), Icy Ice (KPWR Power 106 Los Angeles/World Famous Beat Junkies/TurntableU.com), Truly Odd & Mic Xxl (Heavyweights/Strong Arm Steady), Steve Miggedy Maestro @ Superadio & WSRB Chicago, Marvin "Young MC" Young, Nasty Ness (college radio affiliate & college radio conference call RapAttackLives.com), Corey Hill @ WJMN Boston, Prince Ice (The Wake Up Show w/ Sway & Tech-Los Angeles, CA), Jazzy Joyce (Master of the Mix New York, NY), Chris Coleman @ WBHK Birmingham, BamBam @ WJBT Jacksonville, Booman @ WEAA Baltimore), DJ Jam (Official DJ for Snoop Dogg & The DPG), DJ Illegal (Vancouver Canada), Mike Live (Los Angeles, CA), Eark McKinney (Official DJ for the Detriot Pistons),Jenn Boogie (Universal Records /Universal Republic), TJ Chappman @ TJ's DJ's, Eric Parlor @ Def Jam Records, B.o.B Brianna & Sam Crespo @ Atlantic Records!

DJ Ran offers a snippet of his new Wizards Girls video on the following link through the National Basketball Association: CLICK HERE. It's a fun 1:35 of spins, shakes, shimmies and more. (Can they match up with the gold standard Laker Girls? You be the judge.)... Hey, Young MC! Debonair suggests you kick out some house beats to your classics. What do you think? "He's the only one that can spit 130 and be clear. You need to fuck with this!"... Alex Mejia has over 600 remixes of old school and new school music, available on djalexmejia.com... A DJ Vatican"Hmmm" of congratulations to Ramses Ja, who recently scored the Music Director's chair at KNRJ-FM (101.1 The Beat) in Phoenix... On the opposite tip, Rory McAlister closes a chapter at KLUC-FM Las Vegas after 12 years of service. No word on what's next on the agenda, but the DJ Vatican will occupy his time for the time being... Mad Linx checks in with the DJV this month with BIG NEWS, he's been hired by WPOW Power 96 in Miami, FL and will be mixing on-air with regualr weekly shifts. From Nova Caprice: "HELP! I'm going to see Bootsy (Collins) on 1/13 and I wanted to know if anyone knew his people. I need help getting backstage to do a quick meet and greet. I'm picking up my tickets today (12/30). Is there anyone that can help make this happen? Thanks... Congrats to theBabalu BadBoyz for their recent move to Mornings at WMBX-FM in West Palm Beach, Florida... Thanks to Alex Gee for this link that is a "MUST-READ" for every DJ out there: Four Sneaky Ways Clubs Rip DJs Off | Digital DJ Tips. Available at www.digitaldjtips.com... The big topic of discussion this month was the importance of the DJ in planning club events. DJ Jazzy Joyce pointed out that "when people sit down and write out their budgets, they don't even put in a base salary for DJ's in their notes. They say, 'Let me pay for security, the club, my waitresses, bar back. I'll even pay for some ho's to come to my party; But the DJ? They are the pulse of the room. We're not considered valuable." She continued, "You can replace the bartenders, you can replace the security, but when you replace the core – the DJ – it just changes the whole dynamic." Cory Hill confirmed by pointing out an incident that shows just how influential a DJ can be in promoting a club or event: "The night before Thanksgiving, I threw a birthday party for myself at a club that had been vacant for three years. They gave me an opportunity. I promoted it, I generated everything, from the commercial ads – didn't use radio – strictly YouTube and Facebook. The club holds several hundred people. I had 943 people confirm and show up. I paid for my flyers, I paid for my posters; I paid for everything. We gotta use those tools to support ourselves; we can't depend on radio anymore. We gotta go the extra mile." Hill said he used components on his smart phone to record a commercial promoting his event, texted it to friend, who then sent it to their friend, etc. Several participants pointed out the uselessness of club promoters in promoting events.

DJ Vatican Special Guests B.o.B & Brianna

First special guest this month was Poe Boy Music Group/Atlantic artist Brianna, whose videos, "GHETTO DANCE," "MARILYN MONROE," "RACK CITY," "FLY KICKS" and "HATE" are bringing big attention across all genres. She recently released a mix tape titled "Face Off," which dropped Christmas day. Told that the DJ Vatican has been assembling since 1992, she said, "This show is just as old as I am!" (Way to make a DJ feel old, Brianna!) Rapping since the tender age of 9 and working with Trina at 12, which exposed her to Missy Elliott, Brianna is just your typical over-achiever. A student at the University of Miami, she was in the midst of finals with two tests to take. "There's so much love for me at the U that they take the music and pass it on to their friends, so yeah, there's much love." How does she handle a recording career and pursue a college degree? "It's a hassle and it's hectic, but I really want to get my degree; it's something that is really important to me." Brianna is a junior and expects to graduate in December. She credits AP classes for allowing her to enter college with a year under her belt. "Right now, with Face Off, I want to do what's necessary to bring it to as many listeners as possible. I gave my best effort, now we'll see if America likes it."

Second up in December was Grand Hustle/Atlantic artist B.o.B. He talked about his unique style on such cuts as "HATERZ EVERYWHERE," "I'LL BE IN THE SKY," and "NOTHING ON YOU," featuring Bruno Mars. Fellow rapper T.I. recognized B.o.B.'s talent early on and signed him to Grand Hustle, a move that paid off big time with The Adventures of Bobby Ray. The move caused Eminem and Jay-Z to place him as their opening act on the "Home & Home" 2010 tour. B.o.B. said, "Growing up in the 'hood, but not necessarily embodying the 'hood mentality of impoverishment, I really studied it and understood how to elevate and be efficient. Don't get me wrong; I like to party, go to the strip clubs and whatnot, but the hip-hop I grew up on, I gained something from it. I'm where I am because of hip-hop, so I just want to give back what I got with my music." As for his unorthodox method for choosing song, B.o.B. said, "The creative process is really about coming up with something organic. I'm really opposed to orthodox formulas for coming up with a good song. When you really look at a hit record, the thing that makes it a hit is care-free, the thing that not makes you think of your current situation. The music (should) take you to another place. You gotta trust your creative instinct." B.o.B. credits having two parents growing up and the influence of–Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith: "They really show the family unit. That's something that's really missing from the 'hood."


"What up, my dude! If it ain't Huey from 'The Boondocks' himself!" D-Money to Ramses Ja...
"Hey, Keith, one more 'K' in the initials and you'll be suspect like a mug, man!" Rory McAlister...
"Hey, man! Why you playin'? My middle initial IS 'K'!"... Keith Kennedy...
"The funny thing about strip clubs, if you play Floss Jones' "RUN FOR THIS MONEY," it's going to happen." Prince Ice (WDDM South Carolina)...
"Fuck, I smoked too many Christmas trees: I got Christmas trees all year, ya feel me?" Cory Hill on forgetting a song title...
"I just got off the plane, and I have a cold and my nose is bleeding." K-Sly...
"Well, we have to play to the chicks from time to time." Debonair...
"We're acting like two people on the phone that don't want to hang up." Alex Mejia

Finally, As always, props to Ricky Leigh Mensch, whose tireless efforts to put the DJ in his her proper place in music – UP FRONT! R.I.P., DJ Ricky Leigh - Gary Jackson