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Official Tour DJ for Multi-Platinum recording artist Akon
Sporting a personality as vibrant as his native Virgin Islands, Benny-Demus is globally known as an entertainer extraordinaire. Acknowledged as a first-class producer, writer, DJ, and rapper, he has stamped his own ticket to success.

Currently, Benny-Demus has been the tour DJ for Akon for the last 7 years and counting, contributing to the nightly electrifying shows, and traveling the world. Some of the countries toured include but are not limited to Canada, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Brazil, Germany, London, Scotland, Ireland, Lebanon, Jordan, Malta, Romania, Poland, Japan, China and many more. Benny-Demus is also the official DJ for Eve and Rock City. Personally he has gained thousands of fans in over 180 counties.

While it has been his skills as a DJ that has projected his success, thus far, it is his gift of storytelling that has allowed him to become a very skilled emcee. Since his days in St. Thomas, Benny-Demus has been blazing the microphone, first as a group member with the group Rock City also known as R.City and then as a solo emcee when he landed in New York in 1994. While very appreciative of the opportunities, his career as a DJ has afforded him, it has stalled his career as an emcee. Ready to take hold of the reigns and prove to others what he has known all along, Benny-Demus has already completed his first album (Caribbean Badman) and two mixtapes, which include Load Up Music & Ben In Black, which reached over 10,000 downloads in one week.

Recently, he released a video off Ben In Black entitled “Done Deh Talk” featuring Ray Nitti another Virgin Island Native. The video was shot and edited by John Wheatley. There are three more videos slated to be release from the mixtape as well.

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