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Master of the Mix | Hot97 Alumni
Ladies and gentlemen, it is with Great pleasure that I introduce to you....the one, the only, D.J Supreme!!!!on 2 pieces of steel representing the Boogie Down Bronx....None other than, {If you don't know who I'm speaking of, you better ask somebody....D.J. JAZZY JOYCE.................. Hey DJ, or even Mr. DJ, No you better correct that, get it right, this is the 1st DJ to thoroughly lay the game down quite flat for the females. Representing Hip-Hop's past, present and future. D.J. JAZZY JOYCE has come a long way baby, and his a lot more ground to cover ahead. Get it girl!!!

Automatically/systematically, being born and bread (and still based) in the Bronx, naturally exposed JAZZY to the urban rap world almost immediately. At the age of twelve, Jazzy recognized her calling, and seized her opportunity. She would hang out with her cousin in Forest Projects, watching and listening to the "magic" he created with his turntables. Jazzy made up in her young tender mind, that, not only was this what she wanted to do, but how she could hone in and master it. And master her craft she did.

JOYCE has been quoted as saying, she has a shy disposition, though one could hardly tell by the way she controls a party. It takes a strong, forceful and musically persuasive person to MAKE people know they wanna dance and if that's one of the descriptions of "shy" well then yeah, call the lady shy.

At a time when female DJ's were almost nonexistent, JAZZY picked up her vinyl's, got herself a pair of Technics {turntables} and practiced so long and hard that she practically ate and slept on them, developing he skills. She made shit happen for herself.

Jazzy Joyce has been a cornerstone in the history of this thing we call "Hip-Hop". She kicked flava on the 1's & 2's on the HBO Special "Russell Simmons presents, Bad Girls of Def Comedy Jam in 1994. JAZZY was also the first scratcher and mix master on MTV's first hit game show, Turn It Up, which gave her coast to coast exposure.

Jazzy won her 1st DJ award at the New Music Seminar in 1983. In a battle against DJ Wanda Dee, JAZZY lit up the stage in competition, and it's been on ever since. In 1984, Jazzy recorded her 1st record as Quest vocalist on Globe and Whiz Kids hip hop classic, "Play That Beat", an early Tommy Boy hit. Soon after, she signed on as DJ for Sweet Trio, a Whiz Kid produced act who's hit single, "Non-Stop" prophetically predicted her ever expanding career.

In 1986, JAZZY teamed up with Sweet T and dropped the hit single, "It's My Beat". The song was a smash, and had party goers hopping out of their seats and onto the dance floors. At this time, party people were either doing the Pee-Wee or Pushing It, but it was something about Jazzy Joyce--On the wheels, Jazzy Joyce-- No one betta!

Respect and credibility have never been a problem with JAZZY. Despite the male domination in her chosen profession, she has refused to let gender be her handicap. "I'll give props to hot male DJ's like Grand Master Flash, Red Alert, as well as Kid Kapri", she says, "but I've always known that by being serious and dedicated to my craft, I could be just as good as my male predecessors, and even better".

In 1987, Jazzy stepped back up to battle at the '87 New Music Seminar, yet again. On;y this time gender was not related... JAZZY was up against Cash Money, and held her own, some say harder than any other nigga could have. In 1991, Jazzy rocked Japan as a part of the Christian Marclaus Experimental One Hundred Turntable Orchestra. In '94 and '95 we found Joyce on the Blowout Comb Tour with Digable Planets.

Jazzy has toured with some of rap and R&B's best, like M.C Lyte, Africa Bambataa, Rich Nice, and Nenah Cherry. JOYCE was hand picked by Motown exec's to hold down the crowd for the 30th Anniversary Motown Revue. And also, hosted the MTV 2 Sister's for Hip-Hop and Soul Tour, where she toured with India.Arie, Mystic, and Jaguar Wright, hosting such guests as Missy Elliot and Tweet at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC.

Jazzy Joyces' DJing skills have blasted clubs from New York to Tokyo, Amsterdam to Copenhagen, and just about everyplace in between. She is well respected, and recognized as one of the pioneers of Hip-Hop, and definitely regarded as one of hip-hops 1st Ladies to rock On The Wheels.

Jazzy takes creative chances and is not afraid to jump down off the porch and stomp with the "Big Dawgs"... Since the mid-eighties, JAZZY has been the thriving force behind many of NYC's hottest clubs, including the Muse, Toi {Grandma Funk} Sojhers Funk Hut, Speed, Etoille, Metronome, and Cheetah, just to name a few.

Jazzy has expanded her horizons yet again, with the intent of staying ontop of her game as well as ahead of the game. After mixing, cutting and scratching, at the end of the day, her joy lies in producing. JAZZY has been creating HOT break beats and shopping them to many artists, Old Skool, New Skool, and still Mo' to Do Skool.

Aside from rockin' parties 'til the am, this busy Boss Lady has a permanent home base Blazin Hip-Hop and R&B on Hot 97. JAZZY JOYCE along with CoCo Chanell, and LaLa, (previously Angie Martinez) hold the ladies down every Friday night from 8pm -10pm. They keep the fellas out and the ladies informed. It's a kool vibe for the ladies to lock down the studio for those few hours to keep the soft pink side of the industry visible. Jazzy's mesmerizing voice touches people form CT on down to deep Jerzy, and still Joyce finds the way {and time} to keep the party people coming back for more!

Joyce was awarded the 2003-2004 Mix Power Summit, East Coast DJ of the Year Award. One of her most recent accomplishments, which she is extremely proud of, is becoming the 1st Lady down with Funk Master Flex's BIG DAWG PITBULLS, a title which she prides herself on. "There are some Hot DJ's down with the PITBULL Fam, and to become the 1st female, that means a lot, that gives me the stamp of approval that my male collogues/counterparts respect my work first, without checking for that fact that I'm a woman, My skills are my skills, and that's what it is".

Aside from guest appearances, rap seminars, mix show summits award shows, panels, JAZZY has appeared regularly on BET's Rap City, and a host of magazines, including: VIBE, The Source, and she can even be found in "Who Shot Ya ?" the history of hip-hop written by Ernie Panniciloi, " A collection of 3 decades of hip-hop photos".

MS. JAZZY has an ambiance of a friend you've known all your life, wrapped up in a mystique that makes you want to know her more. Especially for music lovers, who came out to the party to jam, and at the end of the when you gotta step to the DJ to give'em props, and you get to the DJ booth, and who do you see, none other than this little lady JAZZY JOYCE---On The Wheels!!!!!!!!!!

Jazzy has created a path to follow for up & coming young women interested in breaking into the hip-hop world, by Blazin' the trail and leaving nothing behind but Groove Traks to follow...