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Legendary Philly DJ | Producer & DJ for Steady B & Kwame
DJ Tat Money (Steady B, Kwame)

Tat Money is a professional D.J./producer who grew up in West Philadelphia. He specializes in arranging and producing urban music or Hip-Hop. Tat or Terence Alan Thomas started as a well-known local D.J. who gained great popularity throughout the neighborhood and then the world. He started by handing out Mixed tapes to friends and aquantances. Until Steady b caught wind of his talent and sought him out.

Tat was working at a local record store and that was where the two met. From there, there was somewhat of an audition and the two were now a duo. Tat and Steady Co- wrote and produced four albums together and developed Cool C and Three Times Dope. Cool C was later released on Atlantic Records. And Three Times Dope on Arista. The Crew was collective referred to as The Hilltop Hustlers.

Steady B was a groundbreaking act that was recorded and distributed on Jive/RCA Records. Tat Money’s deep commitment and hard working attitude lead him and his partner (Steady B.) to world-renowned status. During the course of recording the second album, Tat earned his spot as one of the top three Disc Jockeys in the world. Basically by displaying his skills in DJ competitions and on wax. His goal was to show the world a different style of scratch on each track. Which would prove to be very influential to the up and coming dj’s as they used the records to practice and learn the art form.

After recording five Lps with The Hilltop Hustlers He parted ways and moved to New York to work with Kwame. An artist that was a part of The Salt & Pepa and Kid & Play Dana Dane family. Through his Production,Tat has helped Steady and kwame sell
2.5 Million units.

Tat also assisted in the production of three albums with Kwame( Atlantic Records). Tat has appeared on such television shows as the Party Machine, Soul Train and The Arsenio Hall Show. Besides touring the world and making records He has taken on the Silver screen.

Mr Money Co-stars in the film Train Ride which hit theatres on March 15th 2005, where he plays the campus D.J and student. Tat is also a mixer for XM Satellite Radio & Superadio. Tat plays plenty of college parties as well as club parties throughout the U.S. Tat has also spun abroad in Germany, Japan, Thailand Switzerland, and Austria . He now has his sights set on playing clubs in Australia. As he will be there in late Fall.

This past April 2007 Tat did a small Asian tour working with Companies like K Swiss. Tat Played is one of the first Hip Hop Dj’s to Play a party in Seoul Korea. And following this event he played another big party in Tokyo Japan.

Tat is currently working with the Legendary M.C. Schoolly d. As they’ve finished up a small Tour in Europe. And new music is expected from the two.

Tat Money presently resides in (A suburb of Phila.), where he has built a studio. He spends his time researching and developing new talent. And selling his Mixed Tapes and Cd’s worldwide. Tat is known as a legend in hip-hop, mostly for his efforts as a DJ.


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