Official DJ for recording artist Flo-Rida
DJ Kronik has come a long way, from disturbing family and neighbors with late night practice sessions as a teen, to touring the world over with international recording artist Flo Rida and establishing himself as one of the top DJs to ever come out of Miami.

“You could barely walk into my room as a kid, there were records everywhere! I would go track by track on each record, most of them taken from my parents' collection, and study the patterns and breaks of every song, attempting to beat match and create my own mixes much like the DJs I grew up watching at school dances and friends' birthdays. They were my inspiration. Every party I went to as a kid, I would always watch the DJ in amazement as he controlled the crowd with music, making the people jump in excitement when their favorite song came on. I wanted to give people that same feeling.”

Since those early days, Kronik began saving up to acquire his own equipment and expand his music collection. With his own gear, he became the DJ for family and friends' parties, and as the DJ for his school's events, he became recognized by those around him. By the age of 14, Kronik, now a freshman in high school, gained the attention of local event promoters and began spinning at house parties and certain club events.

As he grew older, so did his popularity. More and more promoters approached him with opportunities to DJ at the biggest clubs and special events in Miami as a hip-hop headliner. Kronik gained residency at a number of clubs on Miami Beach at the young age of 17 and was also being featured bi-weekly on the TV show, The Roof, as a guest DJ. By this time, Kronik began arranging mixtapes and releasing them to the masses.

In the summer of 2006, Big Chuck (President of Poe Boy Entertainment, the biggest independent record label in Miami) learned of Kronik’s work and was interested in having him help out with an upcoming project at the label.

Enter Rick Ross.

“When I first met Ross, I was very excited that I would be working with him because I was familiar with his music and he was extremely talented, but little did I know what was about to happen.”

Kronik began work on We Are The South 2.5, a continuation in a series of mixtapes he had released, but Ross would host this edition. Ross and Kronik worked hand in hand, producing a classic mixtape with over 40 tracks including exclusive freestyles, remixes, and skits. But what stood out the most from the mixtape was a new single Ross was premiering for the first time on this tape.

Hustlin’ became the anthem for go-getters worldwide and with the mixtape being distributed around the nation, it put major labels into a bidding war for Ross,which ended in him landing a multi-million dollar deal with new CEO at the time, Jay-Z and Def Jam Records. We Are The South 2.5 gained Kronik mentions in almost every major hip-hop publication and website from The Source to MTV, and even reaching the pages of Rolling Stone and Billboard Magazine.

Kronik would continue working with Ross and become his personal tour DJ for some time, along the way dropping another classic mixtape with Ross entitled Maybach Music, which was also highly acclaimed in XXL and Scratch Magazine.
As time passed, Kronik was called upon once again by Poe Boy Entertainment to help with another developing artist not as hardcore in style as Rick Ross, but definitely with his own flavor and unique talent.

Enter Flo Rida.

Kronik again, like with Ross, put Flo Rida’s raw talent on display through a mixtape entitled It’s A Done Deal. The mixtape reached the hands of Atlantic Records executives and soon enough, Flo Rida would ink a deal with the major label. To this day, Kronik is going on his 5th year as Flo Rida’s tour DJ and has traveled to almost every country in the world, from Europe to Asia to Africa and everywhere in between.

“Being able to travel to so many countries and working with an artist like Flo Rida, who has mastered the cross-over as I like to call it by taking his hip-hop style and working with house producers like David Guetta and legendary producers like Dr. Luke, has allowed me to also broaden my horizon of music and merge my hip-hop style and background into the open format and electronic scene.”

These days, when he’s not on stage in Brazil or Australia with Flo Rida, (or on a plane to Bangkok or France to DJ at the hottest club) he is experimenting with different genres and sounds in the mix. Now aligned with the Smut+Bass crew and label, a collective of artists and DJs who specialize in future bass, dubstep, experimental beats, and drum & bass, you can expect to hear much heavier sets from Kronik.

"I’m really loving the rise of the dubstep genre. It really is a great sound. I'm really into the mash of reggae, hip-hop, and hard-hitting bass. I’m excited to see that other genres are now experimenting with it as well.”